Brewster Barclay

Director, Business Development, Zuhlke Engineering Ltd

Brewster has been selling, marketing and product managing for more than 30 years in a wide variety of high technology industries.  Starting at PCK Technology Brewster licensed new manufacturing processes for printed circuit boards and is credited with inventing the now commonly used term MID, Molded Interconnection Device, by forcing everyone else on the IPC sub-committee to accept the vendor neutral terminology.  He also worked extensively in China and India selling turn-key factories before China became the workshop of the world.

As Director of Marketing at Orbotech Europe and Global Product Manager he was part of the team that launched the first successful Laser Direct Imaging system for printed circuit boards and in planning its technology development in the early 2000s foresaw the technologies that would be necessary for the manufacturing of smart-phone PCBs.  Shifting gear he then managed an Internet start-up, Clickstream Technologies, which created a technology for automatically manipulating HTML code of requests in real time to allow on the fly advertising targeting from central repositories of customer data.

More recently, Brewster went back to the corporate world as Interim Group Director of Sales and Marketing at e2v technologies PLC where he gained experience in military chip packaging, high performance sensors and vacuum tubes.  At this time, he started mentoring start-ups particularly in the areas of sales, business development and product development both independently and with the Judge Business School Cambridge.

Back in software, he is now Director of Business Development for Zuhlke Engineering Ltd. which develops high-end bespoke software for clients in applications ranging from embedded software to mobile to digital transformation to enterprise scale solutions.  Brewster specialises in the Insurance and Medical industry verticals as well as the Internet of Things.