Ram Srinivasan

Co-founder, ZASTI

"Are you sure you're making the right decision?" 

That question from HAL has intrigued Ram ever since he was a young kid. How can a computer be better than a human? That question started Ram's fascination towards AI and lead to starting ZASTI, an Artificial Intelligence (AI)technology platform that helps in improving business efficiency and delivering tangible cost savings to customers. He has more than 18 Years of experience working with Fortune 100 across 12 countries. In his last avatar, he was leading the Digital Business for Cognizant in Europe and APAC region. Hi passion towards innovation helped him win 8 international product awards and he has developed more than 40+ products during his tenure. 

In his leisure time, he loves riding his vintage and sportsmotorbike in the county side and he is also a passionate old-school audiophile.He has varied educational background from Management to English Literature toDesign certifications from IIT-Mumbai.

As HAL Says "It can only be attributable to human error" Shouldn't we solve that?