Elena Rasa

Chief Underwriting Officer, Zurich

Elena is now Chief Underwriting Officer in Zurich.

Born in Venice, she graduated in Statistics in 1993 at Padua University, in Computing Science at Strathclyde University (Scotland, U.K.) and in Actuarial Math in 2000 at the University of Florence. She was also part of the Phd program in Methodological Statistics at the University of Padua, in collaboration with the University of Washington in Seattle (USA).

Elena has worked as Chief actuary in Zurich, in Allianz, in Cornhill Insurance and in Generali, after having developed a wide experience in international markets during her stay in Tillinghast-Tower Watson. Elena worked in Japan, Brazil, U.S., Germany, U.K., Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Canada, helping P&C companies to acquire appropriate statistical skills in new deregulated markets.

Among all these experiences, she was also the Head of the Technical area in Genyalloyd (the direct company of Allianz Italy), where she increased her multi-channel experience.

Appointed in July 2015 as Chief Data Officer of the Generali Group, Elena has never lost her passion for statistics: in the new role she blends insurance deep technical knowledge with advanced analytical skills and a brand new passion for data science and big data.  

The new challenges now include several complex sources: for example looking at the web and digital industries, where the mystery of the algorithms has become darker and darker, big amount of data is collected every second and seems without regulations. An increasing complexity is today rising and new skills are needed in modern companies...